Don't Dance with Death: A Dark Romantic Comedy (Haunted Romance #3) (Paperback)

Don't Dance with Death: A Dark Romantic Comedy (Haunted Romance #3) By C. Rae D'Arc Cover Image
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You can hide from your past, but can you outrun it?

Six years after imprisoning Abadda, the Wicked, Theo keeps the secret of his bargain, worrying instead about his duties as marquis and his son's unknown dark ability. But the immortal bargain demands payment. Accidentally released by two adventure seekers, Abadda returns with a devilish plan for revenge and domination. Taking her claim on Pansy and Theo's son, Abadda steals him to the land where escape is only a dream: Horror.

Pansy returns to her homeland with Theo and an unlikely ally to rescue their son. Dunstan, the Night Terror, has become Douglas the Priest, who only wants his brother's approval. The last thing he expects to find in Horror is a Romance that threatens his magic and mission to save Aeron.

However, the magics and abilities that identify Pansy and Theo as Heroes in Fantasy, instead label them as Hauntings in Dante's city of Inferno. They must hide their abilities or become hunted as witches by the locals. Pansy knows everything about how to kill Hauntings, but little about how to be one. Even with Supernatural help, Abadda and her army of Hauntings might be the end of Pansy and everyone she loves.

Finish Pansy and Theo's haunted romance in this intense rescue within the Inferno of Dante's Divine Comedy. Fans of Seth Graham-Smith and Neil Gaiman will find "Don't Dance with Death" hard to put down.Don't forget: never split up.

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ISBN: 9781961733022
ISBN-10: 1961733021
Publisher: Bursting Box Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
Pages: 276
Language: English
Series: Haunted Romance