Heiress of Creation and Decay (Hardcover)

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They forced her to wear the broken crown, and now she will wield it to break them.

Time was running out.

When Sofia dug up and exposed the lies of the Empress, she used her magic to burn them to the ground. Now a new world must rise, but the cost of that might be the man she loves. To save as many people as possible, Sofia sets out on a mission to enter the tree and wake the Goddess

As the two of them journeyed, their hearts ached with longing for one another. The days stretched out before them without end, and yet the thought of the other was always in the back of their minds.

The Gran Empress was waking and Khaled could feel it due to the abominable link she forged between them. She will come for Sofia.

For everyone.

Is the world ready?

This book was made for those who love strong female leads and elemental magic. It's a fantasy-feminist-dream waiting to be devoured This book is perfect for fantasy readers hoping for a mix of Brandon Sanderson's unique universes and magic systems, Leigh Bardugo's ability to write unique plots.

**This series is upper YA/NA and will have moderate steam as the series progresses. There are some instances of violence, language, and mature situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

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ISBN: 9781960343024
ISBN-10: 1960343025
Publisher: Author Daniela A. Mera
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Pages: 344
Language: English