When All the Horses Cried (Paperback)

When All the Horses Cried By Yusuf Ta'er Cover Image
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What is the philosophy of Ashura? How does Imam Hussain teach us how to pray? Follow the story of two young horses, Foad and Noor, as they discover the meaning of Muharram through the wise words of their grandfather, Zuljanah. Travel on the life journey of the noble horse of Imam Hussain as Zuljanah takes you through his experience of accompanying the Imam throughout his life, including his journey from Mecca to Karbala - always being at the Imam's side. This beautifully written short story focuses on the spiritual awakening of the heart. It is a resonating work of literature that conveys the depth of Islamic philosophy and the principled values of the Imam to broad audiences interested in acquiring meaningful insights on the path of life.

The story was specially selected and presented at Harvard University prior to publication.

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ISBN: 9781958882054
ISBN-10: 1958882054
Publisher: Farthest Lote Tree Foundation
Publication Date: February 24th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English