Angel of Fate (Paperback)

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This Grim Reaper just met his Fate.

High school sophomore MaKayla Colfax was perfectly happy with her life until she inherited a mysterious pair of scissors. They don't cut, but when holding them, MaKayla begins seeing things like lines between people, connections. With the scissors, she uncovers the ancient power of her lineage of Greek Fates.

If Grim Reaper-in-training Cain Morrigan messes up one more soul harvest, he'll remain a disgusting human for the rest of his existence. But his new target has supernatural connections tied to Earth. Now Cain's only hope is to find some force powerful enough to cut these ties.

Can MaKayla embrace her destiny in time to preserve the balance of life and death? Can Cain tolerate a human long enough to make MaKayla into the Fate he needs? And for the love of gods, can the two of them work together for one minute without fighting?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781957079059
ISBN-10: 1957079053
Publisher: Zachary Jeffries
Publication Date: February 14th, 2023
Pages: 236
Language: English