Worth the Wait (Paperback)

Worth the Wait By Kate Hawthorne Cover Image
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Finally ready to dip his toe into a lifestyle he's only been a bystander to, Callum Jardine convinces himself long-distance is the safest bet, and he activates an online dating profile. Almost immediately, he receives a message from DaddyJM, a handsome, older man who lives across the country and offers Callum far more than he ever expected. Jack Martin has no intention of getting involved with anyone seriously, let alone with someone who lives so far away. It's been so long since he had someone worth taking care of though, and Callum triggers all of his Daddy inclinations. Jack is smitten from the start, eager and willing to give Callum everything he wants and more...except proximity. After an unplanned hospitalization, Jack is forced to confront his fears about commitment and finds himself three-thousand miles from home with a shocked and stunned Callum finally in his arms. With Callum's overwhelming eagerness and Jack's fears unwilling to abate, navigating togetherness proves to be more work than they bargained for. Finally figuring each other out, Callum and Jack settle into a comfortable routine juggling home, work, and each other until an unexpected encounter shatters their world. Faced with making another new start, they need to find the strength to rediscover what was lost and rebuild what's been broken. Time may heal all wounds, and the road to recovery is a hard one, but as long as they're together, Callum and Jack will learn that love is worth the wait. Worth the Wait is the second book in the Giving Consent Series. It can stand alone and is 66,000 words of dirty Daddy kink that starts online and becomes very real. For other content warnings please look inside and review the preface.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781726693813
ISBN-10: 1726693813
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2018
Pages: 286
Language: English