The Old Roseans: A Story of Atonement (Paperback)

The Old Roseans: A Story of Atonement By D. Van Buren Cover Image
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This international mystery and crime thriller trails the extraordinary lives of alumni from a private boarding school. They are affectionately known as Old Roseans (Anciens Ros ens). Their intricate world, riddled with bonds and profoundly ingrained deception, carries dark secrets. One that could destroy them all tests the limits of International Criminal Court jurisdiction. As Maria Ferdorovna lay dying of a broken heart at Hvid re House in Denmark, Baroness No mie de Rothschild gave her word of honor to the exiled Empress of Russia. It is now almost one hundred years later, when descendants met in Wengen, Switzerland. Catherine Victoria Romanov III of Prussia, recognized as "Guardian of the Throne," symbolizes the fulfillment of that solemn promise. But her sudden disappearance in connection with an individual who is wanted for horrific war crimes has caused the United Nations Security Council to respond by air, sea, and land. Yet, despite the significant risk of life, there is no better season to be young, hopeful, and beautiful. The Old Roseans will appeal to fans of The Crown-a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II created and principally written by Peter Morgan-due to their similarly captivating production amid solid female lead characters.

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ISBN: 9781665302142
ISBN-10: 1665302143
Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
Pages: 170
Language: English