Unkosher Slaughter (Paperback)

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The murder of Reb Elijah Lachmann on Pesach Eve shakes his community of believers to the core. Nestled in the isolated mountains of Israel's Carmel Range, Kibbutz Kerem El is the idyllic childhood home of newly divorced psychologist, Rachel Shine. She returns to comfort the Rebbe's daughter, and when asked to treat the traumatized kibbutzniks, she reluctantly agrees despite the panic attacks that grip her as a result of a suicide bombing. But her clients' secrets draw her into old angers and violent passions as she delves into their tangled motives for multiple murders. And her encounter with the enigmatic Detective Absalom Brill causes her to question whether she will be able to love again. Suspense-filled and atmospheric, Unkosher Slaughter explores not only Rachel's struggle with her past, but the threads woven through the fabric of Israeli society today.

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ISBN: 9781618382153
ISBN-10: 1618382152
Publisher: Pardes Publishing
Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
Pages: 326
Language: English